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Why I Am A Teacher - 909 Words

Writing papers is definitely my weakest skill in school. At the beginning of high school, I had already acquired plenty of experience writing and had found my style of writing. High School has given me a chance to further explore different ways to write and allowed me to learn what I do and do not like writing about. This past semester of DE English has felt like the next step in my evolution as a writer. During middle school I wrote in my english classes many times just like everyone else. However, I was in a program called â€Å"Focus† from fifth to eighth grade, which is for students that the teacher thought were gifted. Most of the focus assignments were papers. These papers were about many things including history, literature, and how we felt about things. The first paper my Focus teacher gave us in sixth grade defined how I would write up until now and will probably continue to define how I write. The prompt was something along the lines of define and give examples of what courage is. This paper had to be between one and two pages, although I found a way to write it in less. I waited until the day it was due and typed up a paper that read, â€Å"Courage is writing one sentence for this paper and turning it in.† I ended up getting a good grade on the paper. Wittiness and procrastination has been my writing style for the past seven years. I usually wait until the las t minute and try to write about something that is as far from the topic as possible without getting points off of myShow MoreRelatedWhy I Am A Teacher807 Words   |  4 Pageswhat kind of job a person is going to take, a basic question to answer is about why. Why I want to be a teacher? This is one thing about which I has to be very clear before I decide on anything else such as what type of teacher I desire, or which subject, or where I want to teach. There are several aspects that have motivated me to be a teacher. First, the significant position of education in China makes teacher a most honored and respected role that attracts me. Second, my interest in teachingRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher1287 Words   |  6 PagesThe first reason I decided to become a teacher because I have always enjoyed interacting, inspiring and guiding young people. I remember as a kid I always used my little chalkboard and pretend to teach to my friends what I had learned in school. I am also very pa tient and love to learn new material and explain it to others. The second reason, my ESL teacher during my first high school year was a real inspiration to me; I admire her ability to guide students. The third reason, when I started workingRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher1425 Words   |  6 PagesThe people in my life I have always looked up to the most have been my teachers. When I was a child, they seemed all-powerful, the givers of the knowledge I didn’t even know I sought. Now, as a teenager, I still hold the opinion that educating the next generation is one of the noblest tasks a person can devote themselves to. Like many children, I went through many â€Å"dream career† phases: astronaut first, inspired by the â€Å"Magic School Bus† books, then veterinarian, a seemingly natural fit with my loveRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher Essay1577 Words   |  7 PagesDream Big I clearly remember the day my mother brought home a small wooden desk for me. I cherish that desk so much because not only did I use it to do my homework, but I also used to play school. Even though I was very young, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. So the years went by and I was now a senior in high school and so close to achieving my goal of being a teacher. I knew attending college would be difficult, my parents, older sister, and I had no clue where to begin, or if it was evenRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher933 Words   |  4 Pagesage I remember that being drilled into my brain, if you don’t learn to write you won’t go into the next grade, if your handwriting is too bad you won’t get into the next grade, I remember those words being shoved down my throat every single solitary year of school. When I was starting kindergarten I could already write the basics because my parents thought this was a very important skill and made sure both my brother and I could bot h read and write well enough. I remember the nights where I wouldRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher1913 Words   |  8 PagesEver since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I remember sitting in grade school thinking, â€Å"Someday, I’d love to be doing what my teacher is doing now.† And amazingly, as I grew older, the age level at which I wanted to teach got bigger and bigger. However, as I approached the completion of my high school years, I realized that while teaching was a passion, it wasn’t a profession. It wasn’t the money necessarily (though that is daunting to a student going into education) but I realizedRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher1194 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Growing up, I was the daughter and granddaughter of excellent teachers. I always saw how dedicated my mother and grandmother were to their profession. I saw first-hand the late night grading, the parent-teacher conferences, and all the joys and burdens of being a teacher. So, without a doubt I knew I wanted to experience the same joy of being a teacher and being able to inspire students to learn, just like my mother and grandmother. I learned early on that teaching was not a regularRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher1221 Words   |  5 Pagesunique, influential teacher to drive a student into a specific field, and in my case, those teachers were Ms. Kim and Mr. Salters. When I entered fifth grade, I thought math was fun and interesting, but then in Mr. George’s class, I was berated quite loudly in front of the entire class for being an idiot after misplacing a digit. I had loved science and math until that point. For many students, this would be the end of the road for loving math and science. Thankfully, later I was fortunate enoughRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pages INTRODUCTION I believe that because I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Not only have I wanted becoming a teacher for many years, but also I have had many teachers in my past, good and bad, who have assisted me in realizing that teaching was the profession for me. I have started to work as a teacher assistant in a school for autistic children. Teaching is a challenging task. One shall perform his duty with the highest degree of excellence, professionalismRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher Essay859 Words   |  4 PagesTeacher Questionnaire 1. Yes. And I believe teacher minister students beyond just what he/she lectures. When I was teaching art in the university, just my students are asked to be committed in their studies in art, making connection with the practical fields, I hold myself to set an example for students in commitment and integrity as an artist. I believe a teacher plays the role as a guide and a supporter in students’ learning progress. 2. Growing up, I was blessed with several passionate teachers

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