Sunday, March 15, 2020

Causes For The American Revolution essays

Causes For The American Revolution essays There where 3 major causes of the American Fight for Independence in 1776 to about 1783. The first cause was the Great Awakening. The second cause was Enlightenment. The final cause of the Revolution was Oppressive Treatment of the colonies. The first cause of the Revolution was the Great Awakening. For thousands of years, state controlled churches, and faiths had been the trend. If the King was a Christian, the Country, and all her people, where also Christian. If the King was Catholic, the Country, and all her people where Catholic. The Great Awakening was spread by people such as Jonathan Edwards, and George Whitefeild who taught that faith was more personal than previously accepted. The Great Awakening was the revolutionary idea that the State should not have direct control of the faiths of the people. Instead, she should set basic moral guidelines, such as Do not Kill, and allow people to practice their faith independently from the Government. This idea was very popular in the Americas where many people (mostly in the northern colonies) seeker to escape religious oppression in Europe, and sought out an escape in the Americas. Most of these people did not like the British Government who oppressed them in the past. This, in part, encouraged them to seek complete sovereignty from the British Government that had oppressed them so much. For them, it wasnt so much a matter of anger, as much as an inevitable event, as shown in the very first lines of the Declaration of Independence: When in the course of Human Events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands... As you can see, they simply wanted to cease the unnecessary contact with the British, and live their lives. The second major cause was Enlightenment. In the mid 17th century, through the 18th century, the idea of Enlightenment became popularized primarily by John Locke. Other people who helped popularize the concept w...

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